Faithipedia New Testament Flipbook: Daily Apologetics for Families

Do you ever feel like there are so many things you want to teach your kids about our faith, but you don't know where to start or how to fit it all in? Check out the New Testament volume of our newest addition to our homeschool products, Faithipedia: Daily Apologetics for Families! As you might guess from its name, this easy-to-use flipbook is PACKED with knowledge about our faith and our God all in one place.

Discussing big truths in manageable, bite-sized lessons, each five-day unit covers 27 weeks and includes an overview of a book of the New Testament, a snapshot of God's timeline, a related attribute of God, a discussion of a theological term, and a true story of a faithful man or woman of God.

While one flipbook is perfect for teaching your whole family, make sure you grab a Faithipedia Journal for each of your children so they can apply what they learn daily by working through their own age-specific activities and journaling prompts!

Written from a young-earth perspective, this carefully planned and researched apologetics resource will help you cultivate a strong biblical worldview so you can stand firm in your faith!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
We are loving this

This is a well thought out resource that engages and sparks excitement for God's word and those who have done amazing things for His kingdom

Awesome resource!

We love doing this Bible study together around the table.

Cynthia Trejo
Helpful for learning Old Testament

Such a great flip book that walks us through the Old Testament and has added so much to helping my family learn more of the Old Testament.

Kaitie Gasser
So Easy, So Good

This is a very easy way to learn more about the Bible and about Christian Apologetics in a way that's friendly for the whole family.

Excellent Resource!

We used the flip book and journals in conjunction with Old Story New, and they were excellent. Our kids were 2, 5, and 8. The journals were a bit much for our boys who just aren't that into coloring and stickers, but I still think they helped the boys remember the content. (I did wish they'd had a toddler journal for our little girl who kept wanting to take her brother's stickers. :-P) Our church's kid's program was covering names of God that year, so it was fantastic to have the built-in review with the flip book. We were covering the Middle Ages and European History that year as well, and many of the people learned about in God's Stories also came up in history. It was great. Looking forward to using the OT flip book in coming years!

Heidi Chou
Really Useful

You learn so much in just a short amount of time each day!


Beautiful! Excellent quality and great design. The whole family is enjoying it.


What a wonderful way to introduce young one's to God's word, and create wonderful discussion for older one's including myself! The Bible and all it contains is presented in perfect bite sized chunks that does not overwhelm young children while challenging older children to have thoughtful discussion. Love the addition of stories of people who are followers. What a great way to show my children how to live like Jesus.

Amy Smith
Fantastic Product

We love these flip charts. The layout and presentation make it easy and enjoyable to learn more about the context of each New Testament book. I especially love seeing where each book lands in the broad context of history, and I want my kids to have at least a general understanding of each book’s author and background. Highly recommend!