Uncovering Mercies at the Manger

Uncovering Mercies at the Manger

Christmas is a time for celebration, but do you know WHY? Come search out the why behind Christmas joy and hope in our Christmas Bible study that uncovers the mercies of God leading up to and at the manger.

In this study, you will get a front-row seat as the BEST story ever is unfolded one precious truth at a time. Search out the mystery of the gospel and understand how each piece of Jesus' story fits together to show God's breathtaking and merciful plan. 

This 25-day Bible study is a beautiful and purposeful way to lead up to Christmas day. As you work through each lesson, marvel at the goodness of God in sending His Son to be the perfect gift to this lost and hurting world.

Use our new Christmas Countdown Cards along with this study as a visible and exciting reminder of what God did by sending Jesus to be born in a manger!

Customer Reviews

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Brandi Davis
Perfect Advent Activity

This was the best advent season we've had as a family. No overwhelming pressure to be perfect or do all the things and keep up with other families. Just a poignant reminder of the true reason for the season.

Ashley Borders

My children and I absolutely loved going through this study at Christmas. Such a special time and a great way to dive deeper into the Christmas Story. I definitely recommend this bible study.

Loved it!

Both my girls, myself, husband and mom loved this study! My girls looked forward to it every day. Can’t say enough good things.

Danielle H
Perfect for a strong focus on Jesus during advent!

We used this Advent devotion for Christmas this past year and really loved it! My husband was very impressed with it as well. The focus is on Jesus' family tree, which is really interesting, and how the promise made to Adam and Eve carried on thru the OT until Jesus came! I also liked how the study did not stop at Jesus' birth, but it showed the importance of His coming and the future promises as well! So many times advent stops at His birth, but it was refreshing to have a study that continued on. We used the primary and junior levels, and it was perfect for our family. I liked how the primary books had the kiddos drawing out pictures that represented what they learned. All of my kids loved putting stickers on each day as well. We also used the advent cards alongside this study, which was a wonderful tool!

Lori Mast
Absolutely AMAZING Christmas study!!!

If I could give this more stars, I would. Most people think of a Christmas story beginning when Mary became pregnant. But this study starts at the very beginning, and goes all the way to the end. We start with Adam and Eve, spend some time with each person in Jesus' geneology, and even talk about salvation and the end when Jesus comes back. This was very thorough, but not boring at all. It was very interesting how the story was told, and was a perfect way to go through the Christmas season. Thank you so much for putting this all together!!!

Perfectly paired with A Content Heart!

My kids loved tracing Jesus' lineage in this study! Their excitement grew as we got closer and closer to His birth. We completed A Content Heart just before, and it was a wonderful pairing that kept their hearts focused on Him through the entire holiday season.

Sarah Gamlieli
Beautiful Way To Celebrate the Birth of Our Savior

After Christmas ended, I was in search of something for the next year that would really bring focus on Jesus in our homeschool next December. This study did not disappoint! I can’t wait to surprise my kids with it this coming Christmas.

Alicia Robinson
Great Study!

This is the best Christmas study we have done. The countdown cards a super fun addition to it too!

Gold Star

We loved adding this advent to our Christmas tradition! The cards along with the workbooks allowed for great conversations and to see how God coming was shown since Genesis! Highly recommend this, and I told my friends with younger kids that the cards are perfect to have and flip every day, bringing the meaning of the season back to His Word and His coming!