To Every Nation 1 & 2 Pack

You'll love this bundle containing both volumes of our beloved homeschool history curriculum! Through a study of 24 heroes of the faith, the To Every Nation 1 & 2 pack will inspire your kids and GROW their faith.

Each notebook contains 12 missionary stories, making it the perfect fit for a semester's study. Or use with the suggested novels and cover 2 school years' worth of social studies!

As you journey with these missionaries around the world, your family will see the goodness and power of God while learning history, language arts, geography, and more!

Customer Reviews

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For all ages

We’ve only just begun this study but have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far. We use it for all three kids (8/4/1). The older two can answer questions but the oldest is who actually completes the work pages. It’s been a great addition to our Bible/social studies time.

Used in addition to Bible study

These are amazing books that teach about different influential missionaries. We use these in addition to Bible study in hopes to teach a heart of service and the importance of following God's Will, even when it's difficult. I absolutely love each individual story, and the printable packet that came with the 2nd year stuff gives enjoyable and simple art projects to do that will tie in to the lessons. My son seems to really enjoy this as well. So I believe it's a definite must, even if you're not homeschooling.


Most amazing idea ever! You get to learn about a missionary and a little bit about a different country too! The character focus is really helpful in making it applicable to our own life! We can do things for God to with some of the character qualities discussed here! Loved it!

monalisa Ingram

I love this, history, character, Bible, geography. If your family has Your Story Hour you can add those. This is also great for when your appliances die. Things go not as planned. You can use the lesson plan or not. This was a life saver. Kept us on track.

Rachelle Mallari
Great for my 4th and 7th graders

My kids love the Torchlighters series and finding To Every Nation is just perfect!

To Every Nation

We are so excited about this set. It is so well done and easy to use as a stand alone or to build a deeper study of the countries and missionaries covered. I plan on using it with my 6th and 8th grader and can not wait to get started. The format is easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Thank you for putting this together.

Barbara Mullen
Wonderful resource

My boys read these books when they were younger and now my girls will have beautiful journals to go with their readings of these awesome books! So excited to use them this school year. I even bought some for two other middle school girls that I will be homeschooling as well.

Bethany Russell
Amazing discipleship education

Want to give your children an excitement for serving Christ? Do you want them to have a passion to do more for him? Do you want your child to be excited about their education?
Then this is a must-have. It will check every single one of those boxes. I hope Kim keeps this one in stock because I want every. Single. One. Of my 7 kids to utilize this program.

Emily Powless
To every nation 1&2

I am so overjoyed with how simple, yet impactful this curriculum is. We love Not Consumed and will absolutely buy more.