Student Record and Planner

A brand new Student Planner is coming in Spring of 2023!

If you need a planner before then, the current version is available digitally until the new planner is released.
Find the digital version here.

It's time for a BETTER system!

The Student Record and Planner promises instant organization for your homeschool year and your record keeping.

Plus, it teaches kids to learn independently through responsibility and accountability.

Simple. Flexible. Priceless as the backbone of your homeschool. 

Customer Reviews

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Great Help!

I love how this simplifies record keeping for me! Attendence, school work, field trips.... All of it contained in one book. I'm not required to report in my State, but I still like to keep track, just in case. This planner made organizing these records so much easier!

It's going to be a good year!

I ordered 3 of these student planners. I love that it not only gives space for school work but a space at the top for a glance at their week. No more will they have to ask mom when and where we have activities. My kids love having a list of their day to know what is expected. I have tried to create my own many times and it required more time and effort than I would like to admit. My kids and I both are very excited to use this in our school year!

Set up perfectly!

I have been homeschooling now for going on 6 years and I love these kinds of planners for my kids but they usually all fall short. This one doesn't! I love how it is organized and how it flows together. I ordered 3 for my older 3 kids and my oldest is so excited to use it this year!

Hollie D
Organized 9th Grader

We cannot wait to use this planner for our homeschooled 9th grader who is taking on two programs. It seems to be exactly what we need to mesh the two.

Jessica neal

This is just what I was looking for! It has everything we need in one place.

Best planner used in 13 years of homeschooling

This is the best planner I have used for all six of my kids! Simple, encouraging, and doable. My kids like rating their work, attitude, and books. I love the accountability and everything for each child in one place! Great for record keeping! It’s also a great size and great quality. I also think it’s a great balance of customizing and things laid out already for you! I am planning on using this planner for years especially since it honors Christ and teaches your child how to honor Christ with their work. Thank you so much for them!!


I have two planner girls that are so excited to have their own planner this year. They love it and it will help them learn to be more independent. They’ve already filled in their “about me” section. Ready to use this for the new school year!

Love it

I love this planner. I love having my kids be as independent as possible and this helps. I also love all that’s included. Reading log, assessment record, etc. I don’t need it for every kid but love it for the ones that do.

Things I wish it had:
3 holes to fit in their binders
I do wish on the weekly pages, where it has m-f, that the boxes were a little bigger for how we use them.

Promotes independence

This planner is amazing for my girls. They are all able to see what they need to do each day. I am even able to use it for my kindergartner by color coding her work so she knows what to do each day.