Student Record and Planner (Digital)

This digital version will be retired in Spring of 2023.

It's time for a BETTER system!

The Student Record and Planner promises instant organization for your homeschool year and your record keeping. This digital version is editable so that you can add the subjects and edit to fit your needs before printing! Read more about this below.

Plus, it teaches kids to learn independently through responsibility and accountability.

Simple. Flexible. Priceless as the backbone of your homeschool.  

Nothing will be mailed to you as this is a digital product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
P. Falkner
Great way to collect records

I have tried many ways of keeping records - standard planners, modifying templates and even developing my own. This has been by far the easiest and most natural way to maintain a record of what we are doing. I love it and have recommended it many times!

Holly Gouge
Enjoyed Printed - now have digital too

We are enjoying the printed so excited to utilize the digital!!

Adele Rhymer
Great tool to build independence!

My children are enjoying being in control of documenting and tracking their school work. It is cementing the tools my 11th grader for college, and teaching our 5th grader how to work more independently.
It also allows me, the parent/teacher to have more time freedom, as I'm not dreading writing a redundant lesson plan every week.
We highly recommend this resource for students of all ages.

Rebekah Stevens
We Love Our Student Planner

The Student Planner is helping my children to become more independent and providing me with a way to track the work that they have completed without writing lesson plans!

Cherie Reeves
LOVE this student planner!

I was looking all over for the perfect planner for my kids for homeschooling and this is it! I have 4 kids I'm homeschooling, kindergartner to 5th grade. The digital file was perfect so I can use it for each kid without spending a ton. Plus I have it in a 3-ring binder with their other school work to be kept for later, so all long term records are in one place. The check marks for the week is PERFECT for my kids and keeping them responsibile for their work completed for the day. I love how I can edit it and change it as we go as our schedule evolves throughout the school year. The attendance tracker is PERFECT for keeping track of school days and makes it so easy for each of my kids to mark their own paperwork. I just have to remind them to get all their check marks done and their "S" for school marked down. I love to be able to take the documentation piece off of my shoulders and have the kids all be responsible for their own work. Plus kids can't say they 'forgot' to do a subject when its on their paper and they have to mark off that they did it. Great accountability for my 5th grader who does her work independently. The yearly calendar is so wonderful to have to plan out the school year and make sure our start and end dates work and we get all our dates in. Such a GREAT tool to have in there. I'm planning my next school year and I'm waiting for the file to be updated so I can use that calendar to do my planning on. It has all the documentation I could use, and more. It's a perfect fit, and updates for life can't be beat! We'll be using this planner each year we homeschool as a great way to create responsibility and accountability for my kids with their schooling.

Christina D

My kids really took to the planner right away. They loved filling in the personal stuff, and then they started reading more books so they could write them down. Now that we’ve been at it for awhile my kids are starting to get the groove of writing down the pages that they are working on (my older boy is more able to do this unassisted). We are definitely functioning in a much more organized and student-guided way. And I can say that it really helps me as the mother be more organized as well. I’m very thankful that we have these student planners for my boys. Thumbs up! :)

Priscilla Larry
Ease of Use

My daughter is happy to be able to keep track of her studies with the weekly checklist. She likes the independence of it, but also the reminder to see if she has fallen behind in a particular subject. Mom likes the digital format so she can use it with other siblings as well. I would recommend the digital format for families with multiple children.

Student Record and Planner

We are loving these this year! Having all of their chosen work and grade records in one place simplifies our homeschooling immensely!

Britney Slaughter

I love everything I’ve ever purchased so far. This is absolutely genius. I have never seen a planner this perfect for homeschoolers. Thank you for using your gifts to bless others. I love supporting what you are doing and appreciate all your effort in creating beautiful material for families.