Single Mom Homeschooling (Digital)

  • How will I afford to homeschool as a single mom? Can I really find time for it all? What will I say to all those in opposition? Is this really the best for my kids?

    When I first became a single mom, I battled all of those questions and more. It seemed everyone else had already made up their mind about whether I'd be able to homeschool. And yet I was just left with a lot of questions.

    Single Mom Homeschooling answers all of those questions above and more. You'll find encouragement for your heart from someone who has been there (and 700 other moms just like you.) You'll find practical tips for all of the obstacles we face as single moms wishing to homeschool. I'll help you find the perfect curriculum for your family, a schedule that will make it all seem easy, and the courage to take on this noble task. Join me!



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