Primary Assessment Pack (Digital)

Watching your kids grow is the most amazing part of homeschooling, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming to document! 

That's where the Primary Assessment Pack comes in. This simple tool for kids ages 4-8, will help you learn how to document the journey so you can see the whole picture. 

As a former elementary school teacher, one thing I noticed was how frustrated my friends were when it came to figuring out how their kids were progressing in their homeschool. 

 So I put my M.A in Early Childhood and Curriculum Design to use and created this simple, yet effective tool!

Customer Reviews

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Jeniffer Do Nascimento
Simple to use

Great assessment pack. Useful for records as well.

Kaitlin Wilson
Would Recommend

Great resource.

Primary Assessment Pack

This was such a helpful tool to evaluate my five year old. To see where we started and how far we have come and the areas that still need work. I have looked for something like this all school year and stumbled across this towards the end of this school year. So helpful! I would highly recommend this!

Katina King
Just so very helpful!

This year was my first year homeschooling my children, and I didn't really know what I was doing... Lol! I tried all kids of strategies and still felt that I was unsure if I was meeting my children's educational needs, pushing them enough... Etc. I found this resource at the end of this school year, and it helped me so much, because with the multi level evaluation I was able to see what was left to learn and focus on those things with my son. I am really looking forward to evaluating him at the beginning of this coming school year and then building his curriculum around his needs! Also, I want to mention that the checkoff list of things the child should be able to accomplish was so helpful as a mom... Now I am having my youngest help with more chores because of the suggestions on the list and his brothers are so happy to have the help! Haha! Thank you Kim! Will you consider making one of these for middle school next?

Sarah G
Very useful

This is a great way to assess where our kids are, and it can be used to motivate them so they can mark off anything they may need to work on. I’m glad I bought it.

Rachel Zirkel
Primary Assessment Pack so helpful

This has been so helpful in keeping records and keeping track of strengths and weaknesses of my 3 kids.

Theresa Baker

Very helpful, thank you!

Jamie Browning
Great to access a young child.

I used this last year throughout the year to access my daughter. When I’d find something she struggled with, we’d stop and work on that skill.

Brittany Dickerson
Very helpful for knowing when to move and when to repeat something

I always felt like with my first two students that there were holes in their learning when they were little- I've never been big on preschool or kindergarten curriculums, preferring them to play a lot and just learn to read and write and basic numbers. Second and third grade had some struggle spots as we started real curriculums and had to work through new topics. I'm so much more confident with my now kindergartener and this assessment packet. We don't do it often so it's not overwhelming for me or him, but it helps me to know what we are missing. My favorite part is that rhyming words are assessed two ways- he got most one way, but not really the other way. Tells me we need a but more work before moving on to harder reading activties. I'm so glad I stopped and assessed him!