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Primary Assessment Pack (Digital)

Watching your kids grow is the most amazing part of homeschooling, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming to document! 

That's where the Primary Assessment Pack comes in. This simple tool for kids ages 4-8, will help you learn how to document the journey so you can see the whole picture. 

As a former elementary school teacher, one thing I noticed was how frustrated my friends were when it came to figuring out how their kids were progressing in their homeschool. 

 So I put my M.A in Early Childhood and Curriculum Design to use and created this simple, yet effective tool!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Theresa Baker

Very helpful, thank you!

Jamie Browning
Great to access a young child.

I used this last year throughout the year to access my daughter. When I’d find something she struggled with, we’d stop and work on that skill.

Brittany Dickerson
Very helpful for knowing when to move and when to repeat something

I always felt like with my first two students that there were holes in their learning when they were little- I've never been big on preschool or kindergarten curriculums, preferring them to play a lot and just learn to read and write and basic numbers. Second and third grade had some struggle spots as we started real curriculums and had to work through new topics. I'm so much more confident with my now kindergartener and this assessment packet. We don't do it often so it's not overwhelming for me or him, but it helps me to know what we are missing. My favorite part is that rhyming words are assessed two ways- he got most one way, but not really the other way. Tells me we need a but more work before moving on to harder reading activties. I'm so glad I stopped and assessed him!

Very Helpful!!

Her videos are down to earth and very helpful. She is engaging and explains each step well. It is a thorough program . I think every mom could gain something from this boot camp!!


This is a wonderful resource, and I have been using it in our home school for a while now. It allows the kids to see their progress as well as us parents! I love it!!

Great Assessment Tool

Loves this set. Just what I was looking for. It was perfect for assessing my daughters skills and where she should be academically. I even used it as a guide for our homeschool evaluation.

At The Right Time

This Assessment Pack came at the right time. I have been homeschooling for the past 3 years. I too am divorced and my children's Dear Dad does not want me to homeschool. One of my kids has Dyslexia and he is not seeing the progress that he would like to see. With Dyslexia, it is never overnight progress, but very slow. Now with the Assessment Pack, I can show their Dear Dad their progress (if need be). I can show my kids their progress and we can pinpoint what we really need to focus on. This also helps me decide what would be the best curriculum to invest in.

Incredible resource

I am extremely blessed to have run across this Primary Assesment Packet. I have been living overseas for 3 1/2 years now and a month homeschooling 2 of my four. When we left the states I was overwhelmed with the reality that I had you prebuy and bring everything I needed. My curriculum was ok but nothing has given me the peace of mind and realistic basic goals for my first grader like this resource. The ease of downloading the file and printing it instead of having to have it shipped overseas was a blessing as well. I reccomended this resource for any mom who frets over, “how can I be sure my first grader is ready for second grade?” It makes the foggy goals of what the younger child needs to learn and master a lot more visible and achievable.