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Are complaining, waiting till the last minute, and half-hearted responses a regular occurrence in your house? Teaching obedience to our kids can be a huge challenge!

Our Obey Bible Study helps parents and children learn by equipping parents to know how to teach obedience that comes from the heart, and using scripture show kids what (or really, WHO) drives true obedience.  In this 4-week, personal study, your kids will look at the how, why, and when to obey, learning:

  • An understanding of rules and authority.
  • The need for immediate and sincere obedience.
  • Why obedience brings blessing.
  • When to obey and how to look at Scripture to evaluate rules and authorities.
  • How to obey the right way.

Grab a study for the whole family and get an honest look at obedience in your home with the Obey Bible Study!

**NOTE: Clearance versions not available in all levels**

Customer Reviews

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First Choice!

My children and I have used a couple of these studies and we enjoy them. These studies has become my first choice for anything. We also use them for sunday school. Thank you Not Consumed for your share of teaching the faith!

Rachel Morales Rivera
Very annointed study!!

Praise God for this study! We’ve been able to learn a lot about many topics that all tie together with obedience. Starting this study just opened the door to me being able to get even deeper with the kids and it is such a blessing! The amount of peace in our home is gradually growing and it’s a really great way to keep the kids involved and excited about learning especially since they have their own books to write in I will definitely be getting more these are really affordable and worth every dollar! Thanks so much Not consumed!


Each daily devotion is perfectly laid out on each page with beautiful illustrations. I just love the stickers and love displaying the Bible verse cards that are included. We use our devotions as read alouds during our family Bible time.

Kaylynn Barraza

I seriously enjoy this Bible study so much. I believe in biblical parenting and raising my kids according to the word of God. This Bible study does an amazing job at coming alongside my husband and I and explaining why obedience is so important not just because of us parents but because God calls us to obey him and our word and this is such a huge help in our kiddos learning that. I am excited to finish this one and purchase our next series.

Recommended for young kids

My son will be 5 this month. We just finished this study. I like that it is very scripture-oriented. The lessons are short enough that they held his attention. He seemed to understand the take-home points. I think it could be improved with illustrations. Unfortunately, I have not noticed any behavior changes. It's not that I was expecting a huge breakthrough with just a short study, but I was hoping it would make more sense to him about why he is required to obey us (and God). Not sure that was accomplished.

Caroline Gowdy
Excellent for Children and Adults!

I have enjoyed this study so much. I really love the parent guide. It has shown me places in my heart that need cleansing. This is also a great study for children of courses! My children have really enjoyed it. We have reread many of the lessons at their request. This study is based in Scripture. It continuously points you to the Word. I have already ordered more studies to complete when we finish this one. I am so excited. Most children’s Bible studies lack depth, that is not the case here. You will not regret using this with your children (or even just yourself!).