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#NotConsumed Sibling Shirt

Every mom wants a photo-op of her kiddos in matching shirts, but this super-soft tee goes way beyond that! True, it's cute for sibling photo sessions, but it's also a great reminder of God's truth regarding siblings.

We want to help our kids fight the message the world promotes. Siblings aren't made for fighting. Siblings were born to have your back, share your dreams, and be your forever best friend!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Only shirt my kids want to wear!

My 8 and 11 year olds favorite shirt!! It has been a challenge getting my children (who are very particular about clothing) to wear a different shirt so I can wash these super soft and comfortable t-shirts. Love the message as well. Looking forward to beginning the Brother’s Keeper Bible study soon.

Love the soft t-shirts!!

The quality is very good and my kids look great in them. So thankful for fun resources like this. I'm ordering the Sibling Journal after finishing the Brother's Keeper study.

My kids’ favorite shirt!

This is my second order of these shirts for my 8 and 11 year old. The first ones both have multiple holes from my kids wearing them probably 50% of the days over the last 2 years! They were their absolute favorite shirts. :)

Love the sibling shirts!

I bought these for my kids for Christmas and can't wait to see them on them! I know my kids are going to love them too since we did the sibling study.


I am so excited for Christmas! I bought our 4 children the sibling shirts! I have been wearing mine and love it!

Great encouragement

I purchased these shirts for my two daughters. They often struggle to love one another as they should and these were a fun addition as we worked through the My Brother's Keeper study. These shirts have also sparked some great conversation and comments when we're out and about. It seems that many adults are still sad about the way they and their siblings relate to one another. I always tell them, it may not be easy but with God's help it's POSSIBLE for siblings to be friends.

Well-made and wonderful message!

These shirts are great quality and a great reminder of what siblings are called to be! Siblings that love one another and are best friends are a light and blessing:)

Highly recommend for sibling study!

My two youngest (boy and girl mid teens) used this for an extra curricular Bible study. Easy to use, but caused them to think and discuss. Helped them grow in their relationships within the family.

Great Testimony

Love the message on this shirt. I am blessed with two that feel very close to one another and struggle with getting teased about being so close. It is a nice reminder to all what God's intent was for siblings. The shirts are not "loose" fitting t-shirt but same material as not consumed shirts which I love here in Arizona