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#NotConsumed Prayer Journal

I have a confession to make: I'm a journal junkie. Specifically, a prayer journal junkie. I've used dozens and seem to always have a handful of half-written-in journals lying around. You too?
Meet the #NotConsumed Prayer Journal. You'll find ...
🙏 Organized and intentional layout
🙏 Manageable chunks for daily prayers
🙏 LONG-TERM prayer lists
🙏 Gratitude and daily highlight prompts
🙏 Durable, spill-proof, and beautiful format 

Great for teens or adults, you will have everything you need for an entire year of prayer, including the pen! New to prayer? That's okay, too! We will guide you.

      Want to see a sample of this prayer journal?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Christmas Gifts

    I bought these as gifts for my Mom and Mother in-law. I was very pleased with the quality and it even came with a coordinating pen! I also bought a copy for myself as something to look forward to when this period of devotions while nursing an infant are over 😀😄

    Carol Werkema

    It is so beautiful! I love all the details and stickers. I bought it for a friend of mine. She couldn't afford it right now. I know she will love it!

    Great for devotional time!

    This is my first order their Not Consumed and I'm so impressed! The journal is beautiful and high quality. I love all of the scripture references and it's really adding to my Bible study time right now which is great! I should add, that of course looking up the providers scripture references is optional, but such a great tool for laying to pray using Bible scriptures! I've been sharing what I'm reading with my kids too, to give them more ideas on how to pray (other than supplication) :)


    These are quite stunning. I bought these to use as Christmas presents for young adults. I was concerned they might be too "teen". They are not. The ideas are elegantly and intelligently presented. They are instructive and inspirational without being simplistic or sappy. They even come with a pretty gold pen.

    Reviewer avatar
    Heather Lang
    Don’t hesitate!

    As always, NC products always come in a giftable package, which is perfect as I purchased two as a gift! The gold and off white are the perfect combination. The prayer prompts have been obviously prayed over and well thought through as they are deep and purposeful. I’m loving the little gold pen as well! Caution! If you are ordering it as a gift! Order an extra one! It’s almost impossible to gift this! You’ll want to keep it!

    Kathleen Walser
    Beautiful and Thought Provoking

    I have never really done a prayer journal before, but I wanted to start doing one and when I saw this one I fell in love. It has pages for everything. I love the daily pages for the basics. The space for a verse daily is great. I also really love the space for long-term prayers in the back. I wish there was a little more time or more blank unlabeled pages in the supplication section, but it has plenty of space that I borrowed some from other parts. Overall this journal is great for keeping me active and helping me remember my prayer requests and really focus on my time with God.

    Brittany Lucier
    Still waiting!

    I pre ordered this, and I understand shipping carriers are not at 100% functioning right now. But my goodness it is taking what seems like forever for this to arrive. It seems like once it does move from one location to the next it just sits for a good week or more. Now that is in no way a reflection on the not consumed company its self which is why I am still giving it 5 starts even though I haven't recieved it yet. This is my 3rd order from them and they have yet to disappoint so I know this will be awesome when and if I do ever receive it!

    Cynthia Dunker

    I received emails promoting this prayer journal since I had purchased one of NotConsumed homeschool planners. I love the simplicity of the daily prayer pages, but that does not mean they are shallow or lack depth. Not only are there daily prayer pages with room for a daily verse and highlights of your day, but also more detailed pages further one. They outline names of God and praying through scripture for confession or worship.

    Once again this is a very well made, sturdy product that I highly recommend.

    Stacy Dunn
    Prayer Journal

    Absolutely beautiful. Every detail is well thought out right down to the packaging. I am very excited to begin using this journal to help my prayer life grow. Not consumed products never disappoint, and the costumer service is always lovely. I love supporting this company.