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#NotConsumed Key Chain

Many years ago I began the quest to become #NotConsumed by life's circumstances. Here's the thing I learned: Remembering God's character when we are struggling is the best way to trust Him.

You will love this inspirational keychain to help you keep your mind focused on God's truth and share it freely with others!

They are hand stamped one letter at a time and feature one of my favorite messages (and one I've worn so many times in the chemo clinic and courtrooms of life).


#NotConsumed Inspirational Key Chain for Women

When we choose to live #NotConsumed we chose instead to be PRAYER-MAKERS, LIFE-CHOOSERS, and JOY-GIVERS to those around us.

On the other three sides of the keychain, you'll find these inspirational phrases!

#NotConsumed Inspirational Key Chain for Women


How to care for your keychain

If you purchase one and wear for years (we don't blame you! We do too…), the black lettering (which is acrylic paint) may need filling in again. Our at-home remedy for this is coloring these letters in with a black sharpie, and then cleaning it with a jewelry cloth or windex & a paper towel.

We include polish pads for brass & copper bars, as these metals naturally oxidize & tarnish with time, we think that adds character to each piece, but an effortless swipe with these polish pads make the bars nice & shiny again!