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New Beginnings: A Bible Study on Changes (digital)

New Beginnings

Do you desire to begin afresh with a vision and goals for a new season, new year or new situation?

Whether it's a new year or simply time for a change, New Beginnings is the tool your family needs. It's no secret that successful people evaluate their struggles and goals on a regular basis. This study will help your family navigate changes and live victoriously together!

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This Bible study is written for the whole family. It spans 5 full days at about 20-30 minutes per day. You will dig deep in the scriptures as you prayerfully evaluate your own life. There are 3 levels of journal pages included: Junior (ages 4-7), Student (ages 8-12) and Teen/Adult (ages 12 and up). All versions align together for a seamless family study.

Day 1: Journey through the Bible as you look at God's call for you to evaluate your life and look for things that you need to change.

Day 2: Gird yourselves up with the scripture that you will need to make a change in your life.

Day 3: Take a deep look at yourself while flipping through pertinent scripture, making a list of things that you can do better.

Day 4: Consider the season that God has placed you in right now and learn the power of waiting on Him for direction.

Day 5: Write out your plan for change, remembering that God is the one who orders your steps!


This product is not available in softcover because of its length. It is designed to be short and manageable with only 5 pages per age level. As with all our products, I would suggest printing out the digital copy. That way you can write in it and hold it in your hands.

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