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Keep Thy Heart Bible Study Bundle

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Keep Thy Heart Bible Study Bundle

Did you know that your heart-attitude determines the path of your life?

In Proverbs 4:23, we are told to keep or guard our heart above ALL things. That's because everything in life flows out of our heart: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Our heart truly defines who we are and where we will go in life.

This Bible study is all about protecting, keeping, and guarding your heart so you can grow in Christ instead of overflowing with those "ugly" things.

This bundle is designed to help kids learn about guarding their hearts through Bible study AND fun extras that help them dig deeper. The kids are going to LOVE it (and so will you)!

Keep thy Heart Study

Each bundle includes an armband with the perfect verse and phrase to keep your mind focused both during the 4-week Bible study (included) and after you've finished. We've found this to be one of the keys to helping kids change habits as they grow in Christ. Help bring the key truths in each study to life with beloved audio dramas for all ages.

What's Included

Keep Thy Heart Bible Study

The study spans 5 weeks with 5 lessons a week, digging deep into the reason the heart is so important. We will learn 9 crucial enemies to protect your heart from and finally ponder the path of purity, priorities, and principles in our hearts.

As a Christian, Jesus has given us a new heart. This is the most wonderful blessing we can have since our heart is wicked on its own. But we have a job to do to protect this precious treasure. Let's get busy!

keep thy heart study


Keep Arm Band

Remind yourself of the truths you've learned with this deep red Keep Arm Band. Featuring Proverbs 4:23, the band says, "Keep Thy Heart." The band is durable, flexible and sized just right for kiddos.

Ocean Commotion (all ages)

As Captain Patch and crew seek shelter from a terrible storm they discover a village of shaky shacks in the ocean and try to warn the citizens. By learning the story of Noah and the parable of the wise man who built his house on the rock, the crew learns that Christ is our foundation and our refuge to weather the storms of life.

keep thy heart audio drama

Selections include: Rough Seas Ahead • Ocean Commotion • A Respectable Pirate • The One Who First Loved Me • Backbone • Follower Flats • There Is a Storm • Noah Found Grace • The Wise Man Built His House • Sound an S.O.S.! • The Master of Your Mind • Treasured • You Are My Refuge • How Firm a Foundation

Listen to a sample here:


Giant Killer (ages 8+)

The battle continues to rage, moment by moment and day by day. But must we meet the enemy blindfolded? In order to conquer, we must face the enemy; to crush opposition, we must see the real foe. Through this allegorical tale, we’ll be better equipped to recognize and slay the Giants who confront us. We’ll break through the web of Sloth, climb out of the pit of Selfishness, choke up the fount of Anger, flee the lurking-place of Untruth, and triumph over our enemy, Pride. Join faithful knight Fides as he takes on life’s battle and follows Lady Wisdom. Through her strength and guidance, he unleashes the power to attempt the impossible! If you feel that you have nothing firm upon which to lay hold, grasp the strong cord of Love as your means of safety and deliverance.


keep thy heart audio drama

We've hand-picked our favorite audio resources on the Bible study's topic to complement your learning. All you need to decide is which age level best fits your family. Either way, you're going to love them! 

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