Prayer Cards for Kids - Not Consumed

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JOY Prayer Cards for Kids

The JOY Prayer Cards are a complete set of 28 cards organized into four themes, each lasting for one week: my family, my community, my nation, and my world. Each card emphasizes the JOY formula for praying: J-Jesus, O-others, and Y-yourself. They come in a sturdy gift box that is perfect for daily use.

Think of it as a prayer journal, but in card form. The goal was to help my kids have IDEAS they could reference as they prayed so they wouldn't fall back into rote or meaningless prayers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Great for group kids

Hello Kim I would like to share that my children from my church group like the joy cards, we made a commitment and gave one car to each of them on a Sunday, and during the week they need to take care of the cards and pray for what it says on the joy card and read the scripture and the following Sunday we all talk about it and share how they feel doing it and o give them another card. Thank you so much I notice that they are reading more and talking when they sharing how they feel about it you in this age is hard to make them talk about the scripture, much appreciated It God bless you.

Great Resource!

These have been exceptional for my boys! They and I love picking out a card and praying from the prompts! I had a chance to show them how to pray from the subject as well! Thank you! :)


Our family has been blessed by using these prayer cards in our before bed devotion time. It's really helped our son (age 9) have more specific focus to his prayers. It's also opened his heart to praying beyond his immediate world and family. Thank you for the resource.

Just buy it!

This has transformed our prayer time! No more of the same quick prayers! Now our whole family has beautiful prayers to help prompt our spirit! Also...the packaging and quality of this product is just beautiful! We have had it for 3 months and it has held up wonderfully with two boys! That says a lot! Don’t hesitate! Just order it you won’t be sorry!

Love these prayer cards

We have loved these so far! My kids are 4 and 6 and it helps us to think of different things to pray about and how to even form those prayers. Many discussions have happened already after reading them. The kids take turns picking one each morning, they love that. And thank you for the durability! Juice got spilled on them not long after we got them and it just wiped off, thank goodness!!!! :) thank you again!!!

Love it!

This is an excellent way to pray specific prayers with your family with purpose. Love!

Prayer Cards

I’m homeschooling my two youngest children, the first four have already graduated. One thing I have struggled with is non repetitive prayers with my kids! We’ve been using the cards for two days and I’m extremely happy with how they work. The different subjects help spur on their ideas.

Joy Prayer Cards

Just got these for my 3 sons for Christmas. My hope was to broaden their prayer life, the way to pray, and who and what to pray for. My boys are 13 and 11 year old twins and they seen to be enjoying having specific things to pray for. No more simple "thank you for our many blessings" prayers, but now they are thinking more of what those blessings are and praying for others. Again, Not Consumed hits the mark and blessed our family. Thank you!!

Great starting place for littles!

Within four days, my six year old was asking if we could do a joy card. These are a perfect bite sized chunk to help our littles learn and grow and keep our prayers and perspectives fresh. Thank you!