JOY Prayer Cards for Kids

The JOY Prayer Cards are a complete set of 28 cards organized into four themes, each lasting for one week: my family, my community, my nation, and my world. Each card emphasizes the JOY formula for praying: J-Jesus, O-others, and Y-yourself. They come in a sturdy gift box that is perfect for daily use.

Think of it as a prayer journal, but in card form. The goal was to help my kids have IDEAS they could reference as they prayed so they wouldn't fall back into rote or meaningless prayers.

Customer Reviews

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Very helpful

My daughter is 14 and these may seem too simplistic for HS, but they have been a very helpful and high quality resource for someone who is hesitant to pray out loud. We really like them and especially that there are different categories of people to pray for. Thank you!

Prayer cards

Great way to do a daily focused prayer and teach the kids how to pray.

Jeniffer Do Nascimento
We love these

These cards sit on our dining room table, so they're always in reach. What a great way to teach children to pray for others.

Grace Kimani
Great way to introduce intercession

We love how the cards help teach the kids how to intercede for their family, community, nation and the world. We found fun using the cards to pray each time we get in the car. My 4 year old needed much assistance to begin with but over time, I love how she, together with her siblings, prays for specific things or people and their needs.
I thank God for using this ministry to help us learn how to pray.


Joy Cards are simple and straight forward and help us to keep focused. It's been a great way to help teach our 5 year old about prayer.

Love these

These cards have really helped my kids pray out loud. My youngest, who always passed at family prayer time, is now praying with us using the Joy cards.

Brenda Griswold
Perfect for my granddaughter

My almost 3 year old granddaughter is learning to pray and what a fantastic way for her to learn. I’m sure I’ll be buying more for my other grandkids. Thank you so much for helping grow my family spiritually!

Dorothy Williford
JOY Prayer Cards

Bought these for my grands and use them at dinner time and family prayer time when spending the night. Also, I’m planning to use them with the kiddos at church on Wednesday nights when we regroup in the fall. Love the categories and various topics which include scripture references. The sturdiness of the cards are SO appreciated.

Love these cards...

Beautiful but simple layout. High quality cards. Awesome study tool!! Love having the scripture references handy as well. Thank-you for such a lovely resource.