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GROWS Quiet Time Devotional Cards

GROWS Devotional Cards

Help your kids GROW in faith by studying God's Word themselves! This practical tool is a great way to get them started as it's super EASY to use. 

Based on the GROWS formula developed in our Bible study, the set encourages users to: Greet the Lord, Read the Word, Open your heart for prayer, worship in song and (memorize Scripture).

Each card includes a Scripture reference in one of our 6 key topics. Kids and teens can read the passage from their own Bible and write it on the card. Younger kids can write keywords or portions of the text. 

On the back, students RESPOND to God's Word by writing a prayer, doing a word study, noting things God is teaching them through the passage, etc. 

There are no dates or formulas, making it less frustrating for kids and teens who are still working on developing a consistent habit and miss days here and there. 

Please note: this product is a great complement to our Bible studies, but is also excellent on its own. Completion of a study is not required.

More Info

There are 6 sets of cards each based on the studies we have available on our site. You can use them before you complete the studies, alongside the study, as a review after finishing the studies or own their own. The cards are written to complement what you've learned, but are also excellent on their own.

Topics include:

My time with God (devotional)

My will (obedience)

My heart (contentment)

My choices (doing right)

My mouth (speaking kindly)

My siblings (relationships)

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