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  • Do you feel disillusioned with the materialism of holidays? Inundated with Santa, reindeer, wish lists, football, turkey, and Easter baskets only to find yourself too wrapped up in the chaos to enjoy the real meaning of the holidays?

    A few years ago I found myself struggling with these questions, too. I wasn't that I had anything against these things, but that we just seemed to be missing the point of it all. After much prayer and intentional planning, I found that keeping our focus on Christ brought a spirit of true joy and peace to our home during the holiday season.

    This study was written to help families like yours do the same thing. Trade in the hustle and materialism for joy and peace this year!

    **Please note: we are taking pre-orders for the softcover packs at this time. They are expected to ship (priority) 10/17 at the latest.

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