Bible Study Club Pack Junior - Not Consumed

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Bible Study Club Pack Junior

You'll love our Junior Bible Study Club Pack for kids ages 8-12!


Whether you are looking for a full-year Bible curriculum, a gift to help your child or grandchild grow in faith, or a sweet discount for buying all of our Bible studies at once, this pack is just what you need. 

To make it even better, this Bible Study Club Pack includes a keepsake drawstring bag chock-full of fun extras!

Customer Reviews

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God's truth

These are amazing studies, diving into God's word with your children and with a fun twist; unique pens to write with for each study, a cool bag and a fun pin to put on your bag after each study is completed!

God's truth

These are amazing studies, diving into God's with your children with a fun twist of fun pens to write with for every study, cool bag and a fun pin to put on your bag after each study is finished!

Good studies

These are quality kids bible studies. My kids enjoy them and the hard work is already done for me, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We have done the Obey study and are currently going through My Brothers Keeper which is shedding light on how my kids have been treating each other lately. Plus all the fun goodies that come with the studies including nice scripture cards, fun writing utensils, and nice bags. I definitely recommend any of these products.


Our 9 year old son is remote learning due to COVID. Our Church attendance has also been touch and go, therefore we decided to buy him this noble study to incorporate into his daily activity. We just started but we love it! It’s a fun family activity we can do together and it also keeps our sons attention and interest. The pens and stickers are super fun and the lessons are age appropriate. I’m also learning alongside him!


This Bible Study Pack has already been a blessing to our family. Just yesterday we were able to apply God's Word and what we have learned in this study to a common issue in our home and the issue was resolved, praise the LORD! We are in our first study and we chose," A Content Heart". We are using this as our Bible curriculum as a part of our homeschool. The study books are easy to use and understand. The books get you and your kids to dig in God's Word and practically apply what you are learning, with the Holy Spirit's help. KIm does a fantastic job helping you to really think about the topic and to see how to be obedient to the LORD in these areas. It also comes with Bible Verse Cards with the focus verses of each study. We use the cards for memory verses and they coincide with what we are learning. As an added bonus, the study pack comes with a nice bag and some fun pens, which my daughter was so excited about! So grateful for this resource!