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Bible Study Club Pack Junior

You'll love our Junior Bible Study Club Pack for kids ages 8-12!


Whether you are looking for a full-year Bible curriculum, a gift to help your child or grandchild grow in faith, or a sweet discount for buying all of our Bible studies at once, this pack is just what you need. 

To make it even better, this Bible Study Club Pack includes a keepsake drawstring bag chock-full of fun extras!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Wonderful set

We just started these great devotionals as part of our homeschooling day. They are a wonderful addition to our morning. I have been wanting to really teach and encourage my children to develop a devotion time for themselves. This set it really helping that. My children loved the added stickers and pens. It was such a fun bonus.

SO happy!!

When we opened our package, my children were delighted wit the extra goodies. As we begin to use the curriculum, I am delighted with the sound Biblical and also applicable text. Highly recommended!

Rachel W.
Just what my family needed

I was so happy to find this package of studies. I’ve been trying to get my sons into the Bible, but didn’t know where to start. My boys were so impressed with the backpack and loved all the cute pens. We have started with the Obey study, as recommended and will do the sibling study next. I only wish that the Work study was able to be added. So grateful for this!

Tina Sturm
He loves it

I bought this for my 11 yo son and he loves it, he never misses a day.

Aimee Withrow
Great set

My kids love this set of studies. The studies are relevant and easy to follow and understand. The fun pens and bag are an added bonus that keep them excited to do the next study and get a new pen.

Sonia Helgeson
Excited to begin

I've done the primary brothers keeper study with our two littles and we loved it
I can't wait to incorporate them into our homeschool Bible time.

Elizabeth Hagerman

I purchased the set, for our daycare/learning center, in our junior class. It is very well designed, and makes the children think. They are very inquisitive at the end of the lesson, and we have great discussions. We enjoy it so very much! I 100% recommend!

Carla Padilla

We started with Obey as advised on the website, and we are really enjoying it!! The bites are good, they build on each other through the weeks, and I love that the examples from scripture aren't the easy cop-out ones--there have been some good overtime conversations about King Saul...

We are using the Junior workbook with my 8 and 6 year olds. My 3 year old keeps her hands busy while we do the devotional and I pull out a small nugget for her to repeat back to me or say a quick prayer about. Love the stickers too!

Frances Erickson
Great for homeschooling tweens and teens!

I am homeschooling my granddaughter age 12, and I will be using these books for my Bible homeschooling class. Such a great way to start the morning as well as addressing issues that young people are experiencing. of course this is not just for young people but for anybody that needs to hear the word of God and letting His words speak to our hearts.