Wholesale and Site Licenses

Interested in using our products for a group?

First, may I tell you that it blesses my socks off to know that you are considering this? What an honor and privilege to serve you and your ministry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Site License

A site license is perfect for church groups or small groups wishing to purchase a digital product and make copies to distribute to their group. This license is unlimited for churches, missionaries, and similar groups. You may purchase it right on the page of the product you are interested in. 

Site licenses include both the junior and youth versions where applicable. 

If your group does not fit in the guidelines described above, you are likely still eligible to use the site license. However, please contact me at help@notconsumed.com and tell me a little bit about what you are planning to do and we will work it out.

Please note: a site license should not be used to share books between families. Each family should purchase their own book. The site license allows a church or ministry leader to make copies to distribute as they are teaching. NOT to distribute the entire book as a home based study for families.

Discounted Rates on Softcover Books (Wholesale)

If you are interested in ordering more than 10 softcover books for a group or to resell in a retail store, please reach out to us for a discounted rate (email help@notconsumed.com.) Each book will be slightly different in price, so please be sure you tell us exactly what you have planned. We look forward to working with you!