Black Friday Deals 2016

Don't you just LOVE a good sale? Black Friday is an event I look forward to all year. Not only is it nestled in between two holidays that keep me focused on the goodness of Christ, it helps me save money while I'm blessing those I love. Win-win.

What's Included in this year's sale:

JOY Prayer Cards

A wonderful addition to any home, the JOY Prayer Cards are a complete set of 28 cards organized into four themes, each lasting for one week: my family, my community, my nation, and my world. Each card emphasizes the JOY formula for praying: J-Jesus, O-others and Y-yourself. They come in a sturdy gift box that is perfect for daily use.

These super thick and high-quality cards encourage prayer through suggestions and scripture. I have designed them specifically with multi-ages in mind. Parents can use the cards with young children, praying and reading through them as a family. As children get older, they have the freedom to use the cards to support their own prayer life.

We've had these cards for many years, but NOW you can get them in this fabulous gift set already printed and ready to enjoy. It's a keepsake your family will cherish!

My Time with God Journal

We know that spending time with God is how we grow Spiritually, but sometimes we get hung up on the details. My Time With God is an outline to help you study any passage in the Bible. It comes with 4 unique templates (or methods) for studying God's Word. All you need to do is pick what you will study.

Dig deeper and experience a meaningful time with God today!

This is also a product we've had for years, but recently upgraded. Now you can get it in print for the first time EVER and enjoy the spiral binding making it perfect for you quiet time.

Not Consumed T-shirt

You won't be able to take off this super-soft tee. It's modern fit, vintage style and beautiful Scripture will make it your absolute favorite thing to wear! It's the perfect gift for loved ones. 

The material is a tri-blend cotton with a slight faded or vintage look. The back features Lamentations 3:22-23 reminding us not to let the circumstances of life consume us.

Growing in Christ Sermon Notebook

Attending church is one of God's blessings for us as Christians, but sometimes we miss key lessons or information during the sermon time.

This 52-page notebook will help you get more out of what your pastor is teaching and grow your faith along the way. Inside, there are two different forms for taking notes, a prayer list, and even a place to record your favorite Bible verses. 

Perfect for your kiddos, grandkids, nieces and nephews. Even your Sunday School class would be blessed by this faith-growing book.

Gloria Christmas Hymn Study

Just in time for the season! Gloria: A Christmas Hymn Study is a 92-page collection of history, scripture, and fun. In addition to the story behind the hymn, students are guided through a study of the meaning behind it and the scripture that shares the story of this wonderful event. Each hymn includes the music and lyrics for you to learn and sing, plus a Tin Whistle tablature. This fingering would work for any similar instrument, like a recorder. Of course, there are also copywork pages, coloring pages, word searches, and other fun activities to go along with the hymns.