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Sibling Challenge Journal

Sibling Challenge Journal

We all know sibling relationships are hard. Anytime we live closely with someone our own desires, opinions, and ideas will cause friction in that relationship. We need God's help to learn to navigate them His way. 

Our first step is to go through the Bible as a family and learn what God has to say about siblings. If you haven't had a chance to do that yet, please check out My Brother's Keeper first.

Once you've finished our Sibling Bible study, it's time to put what you learned into practice. That's where the Sibling Challenge Journal comes in. You'll review your jobs as a sibling, journal to resolve conflict, meditate on helpful verses, and challenge yourself each week.

This is one of our family's favorite ways to grow sibling relationships!

sibling challenge journal

Journal Sections

1. My Job as a Sibling is a review of your job and will serve as helpful information to fall back on when you need reminders. Do this section first before doing any of the pages in this book.

2. Sibling Scripture is a collection of the best Bible verses for helping you to become a better sibling. These are meant to be colored as you meditate on and memorize them. Do one of these pages per week once you start the sibling challenge to help you stay focused.

3. Journal will help you think through some of the biggest problems we face as siblings. Do one of these pages every so often, especially on days when you struggle.

4. Sibling Challenge is the part of this book that will help you grow the most. After you have completed section 1, go ahead and begin working on the challenge. Each page is designed to cover one week and help you really focus in on serving and loving your siblings. There is also a place to record your thoughts and results for the week.


5. Resources is the place to come when you need ideas. You'll find lists of information you can use to help you with your goal of serving and loving your siblings.


Is this something we should do as a family?

This journal is intended for individual use. Although you might talk about it as a family, each child should have their own journal to work in and should be encouraged to complete the challenge on their own.

You'd be surprised what a difference just ONE kid who is interested in working on their sibling relationships will do for the whole environment in your home!

What ages is this for?

This journal is recommended for children old enough to read and write on their own. It is especially valuable in the pre-teen and teenage years!

Do we have to complete the Bible study first?

I recommend you complete the sibling Bible study first as a means of laying a strong foundation. However, it's not required.

If you'd like a digital copy, instead of the softcover, please click here.

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