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Primary Assessment Pack (digital)

Primary Assessment Pack

Homeschool assessment. For some, it's a dreaded prison. For others it's a necessary evil. But did you know it doesn’t have to be that way?

Watching your kids grow is the most amazing part of homeschooling! All we need to do is learn how to document the journey so you can see the whole picture. That's where the Primary Assessment Pack comes in. 

This amazing printable pack will help you document progress without the tears and dread of traditional testing! Plus, it gives you all of my favorite checklists to help reassure you along the way. It's a win-win for all homeschool families with children ages 4-8.

The 65-page printable pack includes 3 checklists per age level: literacy, math, and life skills. For each level, we have provided reference pages for your students AND a video guide to help you assess them. Perfect for preschool through second grade, the three levels of assessment allow your child to move up naturally, without unnecessary boundaries or labels. 

Still needing guidance? Read this post for a framework to help you document your homeschool journey from the beginning all the way through graduation. Also, if you have 2nd graders and up, check out the Student Record and Planner instead.

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