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Student Record and Planner (Digital)

Student Record and Planner

Papers are piled high on the kitchen table, the baby is putting Legos in the dog bowl and your 12 year old can't seem to do a single math problem without your help.

Trust me. I get it. Homeschool life is busy, sometimes chaotic, and often a bit of a mess. How can it not be when you are home all day?

I'll admit defeat on the never-ending pile of dishes, but not on our homeschool day. It's too important to let this part go to chaos. That's why I developed this Student Record and Planner. It's one stop lesson planning, record keeping, and accountability tool that's a win-win for any homeschool family.

It's homeschool made easy. Who doesn't want that, right?

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The 93-page printable Student Record and Planner promises instant organization for your homeschool year and your record keeping. It's simple to use, yet priceless as the backbone of your portfolio. The digital copy is fully editable including the weekly checklist, progress reports, and attendance record make it easy to fit into any homeschooling style.

Simple record keeping such as assessment charts and progress reports provide exactly what you need to document your year. Plus the weekly checklist will help your child become more independent in his school day, while allowing you to still keep a close eye on progress.

We know this will be a perfect fit for you as it was written and created using my experience as a veteran homeschool mom and former classroom teacher- WITH much input from moms like you!

Oh, and did I mention FREE UPDATES FOREVER? Yes, we are serious. If you choose the digital option, you'll enjoy FREE updates each year by simply logging into your account and downloading the updated file!

For help editing or to see what can be edited, check out this video.

What's included

Weekly Checklist

Morning Checklist

Progress Reports

Yearly Homeschool Calendar

Attendance Record

Assessment Graph

Grades Record

Educational Snapshot

Reading Record

Media Record

Field Trip Evaluation Forms

Annual and Quarterly Goal Worksheets

All About Me

Also included are two support videos. A video on what features can be edited and HOW to edit them can be found on the "help editing" tab directly below the image of the product. A video sharing how our family uses this to break free from the lesson plan book and maintain great records, can be found here.

If you'd like a softcover copy, instead of digital, please click here.

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