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Masterclass | Curriculum 911

We can all admit it. Homeschooling can be tough at times. Like, painfully difficult. Some days it feels like everything is completely falling apart. Some days we all entertain thoughts of quitting and just eating cookie dough in the closet until our kids graduate. But how do you know if you're experiencing normal, everyday homeschool struggles or if you need to call "curriculum 911"?!

Are there tears falling before you've even started the day? Is one of your kids avoiding one particular subject? Are you noticing some out of character or sudden changes in behavior? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then maybe you need some encouragement for this homeschool journey.

I know it can be so hard at times, but you've been chosen for this! God is so faithful to equip us. In this masterclass I give you the "10 Commandments of Curriculum". Remember, curriculum is a tool. And there isn't a single curriculum that's a one-size-fits-all solution for every child. We need to isolate what's causing the issue and figure out what we need to do to remedy the problem.

In this masterclass, I'll share 4 ways to change things up in efforts to meet your child's needs. If you're needing some fresh hope for your homeschool, this class is for you!

This is a digital course. You will receive an email with access to the course upon purchase.

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