Foundations of Faith Bible Study


Foundations of Faith is a Bible study for families unlike any of our other studies. Using a family Bible study format, this parent-led study will equip you to lead discussions on difficult issues and develop a statement of faith that will be a keepsake and a teaching tool for years to come.

Different from our other Not Consumed studies, this study begins with our Parent Guide as the starting point. The Parent Guide is then supplemented with the Junior or Youth levels for your kids. One FREE PARENT GUIDE is included with your purchase of these studies!

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Lewis
Well Formed Curriculum

These lessons are formed well expanding knowledge and critical thinking in the classroom for all ages.

Leah Doyle
Simple truths

Just the right length for each section!

Be prepared for some really big questions!

I am a little surprised that I don't see more people discussing the intensity of this resource in the reviews...

We have been through at least half a dozen of Kim's other studies before we started Foundations. Whenever available, I purchase the Primary (for young elementary ages), the junior for older elementary, and I get a parent guide for myself. This is the first study that transitions from the typical format of q&a (the more guided study) to what I consider to be a much more advanced section toward the back of the book.

There begins a more topical study where you will study verses related to a topic like Purity for example. There are a dozen or so verses to study followed by some advanced questions to answer. (It's worth noting that this study is not available for the Primary age group.) Example question on this topic is, "What is our stance on masturbation?"

There are half a dozen recommended reading resources on this page (great resource Kim! Thank you!!) However, point being that this one page could take weeks to cover. It is thoughtfully designed to help you as a family decide what you believe and put that into words. Excellent! But this is one I wish I would have done COMPLETELY on my own or with my spouse before introducing it to my children. We were just bopping along like we have in the other studies when we hit this section.

My two are on the younger end of the spectrum at 7 &10 and while these are worthy topics to discuss, it was way over my 7 year olds head, (where she's been able to use a Junior version before and work through a study with us), not the case for this particular study. Just be prepared with this one. We as parents didn't have these questions clearly answered on paper yet so we weren't ready to go through it with our kids. It is a very rich and wonderful resource. We will use this for years to come!

Brooks Seibert
Great Resource

I love this because it gave me a chance to review my beliefs as a Christian, before teaching my children.

Kelly Garcia
Grateful for this devotional

I was very hesitant to purchase any of the Not Consumed products I was eyeing their products for about a year while I went through their blog and was checking them out but after my son did the Mercies at the manger I purchased all of them devotionals. The next one we started is this one since it's our first year homeschooling and we are focusing on foundations... biblical foundations this year it was fitting for us to start with this devotional. Well I also purchased the parents guide and I am so so grateful that this type of product is available to give us a "guide" into discussing it all together. When I go back and read the answers my son writes it both makes me laugh and cry that the questions really make him dig deep and think. For example when one of the questions asks how do you feel about Jesus dying for your sins? After explaining ofcourse what sin is and all and he answers ... grateful, thankful he died for a wretch like me. It both made me smile and cry that this devotional is getting to the heart of it all and he is using his critical thinking skills.

Ashley Bowen
Such a great place to start!

My kids have grown up in the church so I wasn't sure if this study was needed, but it was such a great place to start! It had
them asking good questions and helped us make sure theu understood the basics. I would recommend!

Great study

We are working through this study in the mornings before we start our day. We want to establish good Bible study habits and also make sure we discuss our beliefs as a family. I bought the parent, a junior and one child study. I’m really happy with this study.

Ben Johnson
perfect title for this study. it all flows together really well

I absolutely love this study. I used this first with my my family at home. then I starting using it at the church with my youth group. it has been perfect for us and we have had some really good conversation over the material. I will be ordering the rest of the bundle next week.

Stacie S
We love this study!

We bought this study for our family a month ago and we love it. We are just taking our time to go through it, no rushing. We've been praying about starting healthy Bible study habits as a family and this has really helped us get off on a good start together.