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You'll love our Primary Bible Study Club Pack for kids ages 4-7!

Whether you are looking for a full-year Bible curriculum, a gift to help your child or grandchild grow in faith, or a sweet discount for buying all of our Bible studies at once, this pack is just what you need. 

To make it even better, this Bible Study Club Pack includes a keepsake drawstring bag chock-full of fun extras!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    I loved the idea of having bible studies I could do with my kids so when I found these Bible study packs for kids I jumped on them. I’m so glad I did. I knew I loved what I read each study was about and now that we’ve been using it my kids love them too. I recommend them to everyone. They have so many tools that help the kids grow and in ways they understand them. It draws them to want to learn more and what they learn really sticks with them. God has been speaking to my kids and I am so proud to see how He’s speaking to them and growing them up in Him.

    Obey Study

    Excellent!!! My 5 year old loved it and my 3 yr old picked up stuff too. We worked slowly through it and I was so blessed too. We all need to Obey right?! God speaks to all of us haha So excited to go through the rest of them!


    I received my club pack. My kids are pretty jazzed about all the fun extras. We will be starting into this over winter break and I can't wait! The materials are lovely quality and have meaningful messages but don't skimp on the fun with stickers, pins, and spunky writing tools. Looking forward to diving into the word with this family-inspired content. Thank you!