Sibling Challenge Journal

  • Anytime we live closely with someone our own desires, opinions and ideas will cause friction in that relationship. When you live in the same house this can literally be physical contact with each other. But most often the friction refers to the conflict of our will, attitude, emotions and opinions. These things rub against each other making it difficult to get along with your siblings.

    So what do we do about this? Most of the world just throws up their hands in defeat claiming that it’s impossible for siblings to get along. Why even try? Siblings are doomed to a lifetime of fighting. That way of thinking is a lie. God has better plans for you and your siblings. The good news is He alone offers the help we need for what seems like an impossible task of loving our siblings and getting along with them.

    Our goal in these pages is to focus on the truth we learned in the My Brother's Keeper Bible study, spend some time thinking about our feelings, and finally to use all of this to change the way we interact with our siblings each day through the accountability of a weekly challenge.

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