Sermon Notebook for Kids

Sermon Notebook

Attending church is one of God's blessings for us as Christians, but sometimes we miss key lessons or information during the sermon time.

This 52-page notebook will help you get more out of what your pastor is teaching and grow your faith along the way. Inside, there are two different forms for taking notes, a prayer list, and even a place to record your favorite Bible verses. Get started today!

More Details

There are two versions of the Sermon Notebook, each containing 52 pages for notes and a place at the front to record your testimony.

Junior is written for young children who aren't yet strong readers/writers. There is a space to tally up words as they listen to the sermon and a place to draw a picture.

Youth is written for strong readers/writers, typically ages 8+. There are two different note-taking templates alternating throughout the book and more space to record your thoughts.

This book is nice and compact measuring 6"x 9". The perfect size to slip in your Bible case!


We have made this product available in softcover because so many families requested having it made into a physical copy. It is still available free in the digital version for all Not Consumed subscribers. To get your copy, click here.

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