Not a Statistic: Parenting in a Broken World

I’d love to close my eyes and act as though hurting children are rare, but pretending won’t make it so. Cancer attacks. Fathers abandon. Death invades. Bullies wound. The pain of this world is unjust, yet ever-present. Resources fall hopelessly short. We’re counseled to light a candle and snuggle in for a Disney movie, but this feel-good solution will NEVER be able fix this. We need something more. Much more.

We need HOPE.

I invite you in for an in-depth look at our journey to find hope in the brokenness. Not a Statistic: Parenting in a Broken World offers HOPE and practical help for parents as we walk our children through the circumstances that life hands them. Regardless of the origin of this pain, we will point them to God’s promises in the hurting. Together we will find ways to breathe life into their despair, keeping them from becoming statistics.

It is my prayer that this book will bless you beyond what you can imagine!

Not a Statistic: Parenting in a Broken World

Not a Statistic offers HOPE and practical help for the parents of children walking through hard times: divorce, abandonment, death, deployment, adoption, chronic illness, etc.


What others had to say:

“I have personally watched Kim walk (and sometimes crawl) through this excruciating valley of life. And I’ve seen her love and teach her kids so beautifully even in the midst of the devastation, just as she writes about in these pages. She’s learned these lessons through the fire. The things she encourages us as moms to teach our kids are things that God has proven powerful in her own mothering journey. I’m honored to recommend this book. I truly believe that every mom could benefit from this practical, inspiring read.”

~Lara Williams, author of To Walk or Stay

“Not a Statistic:  Parenting in a Broken World is just what the doctor ordered for hurting children…and I’m just talking about me! Seriously, as someone who grew up in the reality of brokenness, I found Kim Sorgius’ book profoundly relevant. As I read, I kept validating things she wrote as being true. I also found myself repeatedly saying to myself, “What a great idea!” Kim’s honesty, as well as her passion for helping others find their way through the pain to the oasis of God’s love, and will touch your heart. There are so many helpful suggestions that you are guaranteed to find at least one that will make your journey more manageable. This book will change lives!”

~Frederic Gray

“I am the statistic Kim is writing about. These are the things that we don’t talk about to others: a life filled with premarital sex, runaway tendencies and self mutilation, alcoholism, and divorce both of my parents and myself. We cover up our own pain and the pain of our children. While my husband and I have experienced a redeemed marriage it has been one at the foot of the cross seeking redemption from addictions and other issues faced by children in broken homes.  Kim – she writes from the heart of a Mom who has both experienced loss as a child and as a Mom. Her writing will help any parent. Whether you have divorced or know others who have, this will help you – sit and serve them as Christ commands each Christian to do.”

~Rebecca Brandt, author of Homeschool Mother’s Prayer Journal

“I never dreamed of becoming a single mom. It never occurred to me that I would find myself raising two boys on my own. The journey of single parenthood is hard and rough.  For years I struggled to make sense of the pain and the brokenness in my own heart. And it took me a few more years to see the hurt in my children. Kim has written a book that speaks to those moments of pain and brokenness. She shares her story as a way to encourage others on this path. I am so proud to call her my friend and so blessed to have read this book.”

~LaToya Edwards,






Not A Statistic: Parenting in a Broken World

It is my sincere prayer that your family is blessed by these resources. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let me know. I am so happy to help!

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